Lynton Trails

Trail Map: Yes
Lynton Trail Map (0.8mb local link, Map updated Oct 2012)
Lynton Trail Map (0.8mb Mitcham Council link, Map updated Oct 2012)

Mitcham Council feedback: Help support the cause for better trail access.
If you enjoy these trails, why not drop Mitcham Council a friendly note via their customer feedback web page.

Signage: Yes, fully signposted, map boards at trail heads.
Web site: Yes, the trails section of Mitcham Council web site.

Trail Care: There is a volunteer group run by Mitcham Council that look after these trails. Get in touch with the Trails Officer at Mitcham Council to get involved. Email

Opened 24/12/08
Lynton Google Map of Trails area
Is in the Mt Lofty Ranges Fire ban district.

Thanks heaps to Escapegoat Adventures for putting the following article together on the Lynton trails at Mitcham and making it available here.
Lynton Trails







Lynton mtb trails, South Australia, thanks Billy.

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